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kitty bios


Ringo showed up at his mom's apartment when the door was broken and wouldn't fully shut, and he quickly decided he liked it there and never left!


Extremely social, highly affectionate, and trusting, Ringo wasn't afraid of anything and was friendly with everyone. He was always trying to sneak food and often ended up with paper bags or potato chip bags stuck on his head.


Ringo loved going for car rides and exploring the back patio. We had our front porch glassed in just for him, and he loved climbing on a chair in the sun to watch over the neighbourhood.



We got River from a friend and she was almost pure white when we brought her home. Now, with her markings and personality, we think she might be part Siamese. River is a lazy, chunky butt with the most beautiful blue eyes. She’s a Mummy’s girl who loves to make biscuits on Mum’s belly. Dad is kind of just tolerated! 


River likes to do what we call “fluffy belly” when she lies on her back and shows her belly. This usually happens when she’s sunning herself on the porch. When you touch the belly though, you’re in trouble!  River is a very loving cat who always seems to know when we need a little extra cuddle and every evening ends with us all on the couch together watching TV. We are very lucky to have her. 



Rupert was an adopted stray kitten.  He was a black furball filled with an amazing personality.  Rupert was nice and loving and he showed it by cuddling and grooming his humans.  Rupert was also a playful companion for the whole family.  He liked getting in high places and poking people as they left the room.  Even though he left too soon due to illness, he lived many full cat years and will always be remembered.

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Saber is a purebred Blue Mitted Ragdoll. He is 8 years old. I got him when he was 12 weeks old as a Christmas gift from my husband. He loves food and anything related. If he can see the bottom of his food bowl or it has an obvious dent he wants it fixed. I have to feed him and my rescue Winnie treats separately otherwise Saber will scarf his down and steal hers. He is very sweet and gentle, loves catnip, chasing toys, and laying in the sunniest spot. Like a typical Ragdoll, he will follow me all around the house. Especially if his food bowl is not to his liking.



Scout is loved by his family.  We adopted him as a kitten from a shelter, and our daughter Mia picked him out.  He was wonderful from the start.  Scout is most known for being especially friendly with those that pass by our house along a path next to our backyard.  Most striking is how curious he was of dogs and how he’d play with them! Several dog owners would call for Scout as they passed our house.  He also was great for going on walks, following us through the park outside the back fence.  As he’s gotten older he’s gotten a bit more shy around canines, but the memories were great and brought us closer to all our neighbors.  Mia and her brother Che love Scout so so much!  Often, they’ll debate over who Scout will sleep with but we all know who makes the final choice.


Smokey Two-Shoes

Smokey Two-Shoes was found by her human wandering around in the Florida summer heat in 2006; she was starving and pregnant and her human guessed she had been abandoned by some villainous person because of her condition.  Smokey readily came inside the house (and stole chicken from unattended plates) but when it was time to give birth, she insisted on leaving.  She would always show up for food and then run back to her kittens, until one day she came with three little kittens in tow: two carbon copies and one all-black kitten. They all lived with Smokey's human until the kittens were old enough to be adopted, but Smokey stayed with her human and readily adopted four other rescued cats as siblings.   She never utters any meows of complaint, ever stoic even at bathtime, and does take great pride in her stealthy food-snatching abilities.


As an old lady (and great-great-grandmother!), she really enjoys her warmth and often falls asleep in her human's arms at bedtime - still very happy she chose the right backyard to show up in all those years ago.



Sylvie was adopted just over a year ago from a cattery in Texas.  She is very sweet, but on her terms.  She may not let you pet her when you want to, but when she wants to be petted she will follow you around the house until you do.  She is very bougie when it comes to water, no matter what type of fancy cat water fountain we get her, she prefers to drink from a running faucet, to a point where we need to put rubber bands on faucet handles to stop her from turning them on.  And even when we do that, her older brother (Hamilton) will pull on the faucet handle with the rubber bands on so that she can drink water for a few seconds at a time.

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I signed up to foster local rescue cats, and Tegan was my very first foster cat (along with her sister Zoe, and Zoe's 4 kittens). Tegan was my instant best friend, and became my very first "foster fail" adoption. She's been a shining star in my life.


Tegan is one of the most angelic cats I've ever met. She loves to meet new people, and is quite chatty too. She has an adorable chirpy meow, and a loud rumbling purr. She's very well-behaved, due to immense laziness.  Rather than get into mischief, she prefers to lounge around like a perfect princess. She also loves to spend hours watching out the window at night, surveying her kingdom.


Tegan is lacking the athletic ability of most cats and often needs a hand getting up onto the couch or the bed after a couple of funny failed attempts. She also likes to sit in front of my full length mirror and gaze at herself. I often wonder if she's simply admiring her unique beauty, or contemplating the meaning of life.



I have 9 cats (7 of which are black) all with Norse god names, and Thor is the oldest at 12 years old. He still has incredibly soft fur for a short haired adult cat. He has a white patch on his neck that we refer to as his locket. Thor occasionally rides on our shoulders and is referred to as our parrot pet. However, he does have a dark side: He absolutely does not tolerate anything that hisses at him. This includes canned air, venting an instapot, or when another cat hisses at him. When Thor gets enraged at another cat, we call it “hulking out!”  


Thor sees himself as the household protector, although I don’t think all of the other cats agree. He is a happy, strictly indoor cat that enjoys viewing the outside through a window. Overall, Thor enjoys his life with us and our other 8 rescue cats.



[Bio pending.]



I found Waffle as a kitten, sniffing around the driveway with his brother, Pancake. Waffle was the definition of scaredy cat. We would always find him under someone's bed. But luckily he’s gotten brave and only hides when company is over. He likes to jump onto the table or counter and stare me down, knowing he’s not supposed to be there. He also enjoys knocking cups onto the floor while he’s up there. He adores the laser pointer. He could be in a dead sleep and be instantly on his feet as soon as I push the button. He has a strange habit of staring at the bathtub after someone showers, yet hates the water. Waffle is just a sweet boy and very handsome chonk.


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