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kitty bios


Mac is a sweet cuddle bug who had a rough start as a stray kitten with a bad chronic infection in both eyes. He joined the family when he needed to have his eyes removed and became a patient of his mom’s while she was in vet school. They were instantly bonded and Mac didn’t miss a beat adjusting to his new house and life without eyes. He never let being blind slow him down and loves a warm electric blanket, good snack, and occasional bit of fresh cat nip from the garden.

img_4274 - copy.jpeg

Meow Meow

Meow Meow Kawaii showed up at her human, Thyyen’s apartment one day. She was meowing right outside of the door and no one knew how she even got into the lobby. After some ham and a conversation with the landlord, Meow Meow had a home.


Meow Meow is a pretty chill cat that usually doesn’t care to get bothered. One time while Thyyen was sleeping, Meow Meow came up and slapped her. She drinks milk tea out of a cup using her paw to dip it in and lick it. She LOVES board games. If Meow Meow doesn’t have cards dealt to her, she will meow and walk all over the game zone. If you deal her cards, she will sit for the whole game. Though, she is prone to cheating.



I got Midnight when she was 4 months old from the litter of a family friend’s cat, and had her until she passed at the age of 16-and-a-half. She was a mostly black cat, but her chest had a white patch that would come and go. When she got older she also got one really white whisker on her cheek. She was definitely an energetic kitty. We would kick a small ball back and forth, soccer-style, until we got bored. She firmly believed in bed mice and even in her old age she would still sometimes pounce on my feet at night. She enjoyed being the center of attention. She thought all problems in the world could be solved by petting her, which helped me get through hard times growing up, because she was always there to remind me of her love.  

white whisker.jpg
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Miles was posted on Facebook as being one of the last couple of cats in a litter, that were soon to be sent to a shelter. Mile’s human, Meggen, decided to adopt them both. Miles was named after the Spiderman, Miles Morales. And is joined at home by his sister Gwen, also named after Spider Gwen. He is still a young sweet heart and had just turned a year old in October 2022.


Miles is a 13 pound not-so-orange Garfield cat. He absolutely loves attention and treats. Though, maybe not lasagna. The sweetest and most loving cat you will ever meet. His human says him and his sister Gwen are the two best cats she has ever had.



Misty was adopted from the shelter where we volunteer in Rhode Island. She arrived skin and bones, covered in fleas. While I was cleaning her cage, she kept purring and wanting attention from me, and that's when I knew I had to take her home. Since then, she has adjusted well and enjoys a spoiled and lavish lifestyle. Sometimes, she casually walks over her stuffed llama, grabs it with her hind legs, somersaults, and wrestles with it. Other times, she throws it up into the air by herself and catches it.


Misty is such a little stinking cutie! She loves sunbathing in her cat tree or snuggling up on our laps while we watch TV. Occasionally, she acts like a little gremlin and gets into trouble. But how can you stay mad at a face like hers?



Mo's story begins as an adult stray that was curious enough to approach the back porch one early fall, most likely from extreme hunger. Her first meal was leftover jambalaya. She must've liked it as she stuck around. Mo is a comfort kitty, the 'cat distribution system' delivered her into my life at the perfect time. One stressful week I was completing my masters degree final exams in the middle of December - and I heard a meow from outside the window. I went to open the front door to investigate and found the same jambalaya eating cat from the back porch a few months ago, Mo ended up walking right into the house. Or rather I should say her house, she has ruled the roost since then in true tortie fashion. She no longer eats jambalaya but still begs to be fed her wet food on time - or she'll knock over something from the side table.



Myri was known to be very affectionate and a bit of a drama queen before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April 2023.  She was known as a mighty hunter of any small lizards who made it into the back porch of her Florida home.  Other than that, her favorite activities were eating and getting attention.  As much of both as possible, please...



Nari was adopted from the humane society when she was a year old. She had been there four months after having kittens at only 8 months old. Her personality description said that she was not the friendliest but she was very calm and loving when she wasn't caged up near other animals.


Nari is very interested in people and loves sitting on people’s laps. Her favorite times of the day are dinner and playtime before bed. Even if she has to share with her cat-mate, Ciri. She loves to conversate. If you ask her something, she will look at you and then give some quick meows back.



Ninja was my soul-cat. I got him when I had just graduated high school and needed a companion as I started my college career. Living alone for the absolute first time, I had put a collar with a bell on him so that I would know I wasn't alone in the house I lived in, but he was so good he could happily jaunt around the house without making a sound despite the bell--hence his name. Ninja loved to sit behind me in my chair as I worked on my computer, soaking up all the warmth that he could. Later in life, he and I both had lost weight 15 years into our companionship and he would instead sit on my lap every chance he could get. Ninja was the biggest lover and not shy with new people at all! Ninja traveled the USA with me: SC, PA, Alaska where I grew up and returned with him, MO and eventually NY where he crossed the rainbow bridge. I will never forget my companion, and I am glad I could have his memory live on in this delightful little game, 'Hissy Fit.' 



Oatmeal was just a kitten when I opened the front door and she walked right in. Like she already owned the place. She’s a tiny little thing, half the size of her cat-mates Pancake and Waffle, yet she runs the house. She’ll hop off the couch just to pap one of the boys and then go about her business. She’s not aggressive, but sure has an attitude. She won’t play with cat toys, even a laser pointer, but will go to town with a piece of trash she found somewhere. She’s constantly hungry and needs a little snack every time she peels herself from the couch. But even with all the attitude, she loves affection and snuggling up for naps on the couch.



I found Pancake as a kitten, prowling around our driveway with his brother Waffle. They’ve been with me ever since. Pancake is rather stoic for a cat; unbothered by anything. I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve heard him meow. He loves resting in the middle of wherever we need to walk. He makes any cardboard box his new home. And at exactly 11:30pm every night he gets the zoomies and terrorizes his little mouse toys. He has a bad habit of picking on his brother Waffle but he’s typically really sweet. You can hear him purring from across the house.



When Peeta was adopted as a kitten, I was told that Peeta was a “one person cat.” And that was so true! Peeta follows me everywhere and years later, is still cautious of anyone else.


Peeta is such an interesting and goofy cat. He has this adorable double meow that's like "raow raow.” He loves to zoom around the house all crazy and he’ll run speeding down the hallway and jump into the air and dive right into the doorway curtain. He'll fly up the cat tree and sometimes pop his head out upside down. For a challenge he'll climb up the backside of the tree and be all excited and proud of himself afterwards.


He definitely listens to me when I talk to him also. People say that only dogs can form strong bonds with their humans and show it through eye contact, but Peeta and I gaze into one another's eyes all the time and he'll push his paws up against my face and touch my head the way I touch his face and head.



Served by Hissy Fit co-designer Chris, Pixel is a big goofball.  He’s a chonky short-haired tuxedo who loves to laze his days away on top of the back cushion of our sofa, or spread out in a sunbeam on the floor. He loves his “cat dancer” wire toy, and will come up and tap Chris’s elbow while he’s working to ask for either play time, or brushing time.  Pixel loves to be brushed with a stiff wire cat brush, and always sheds enough short little fur to make another cat!  While he never sits in laps, he’s still affectionate in his way, and loves curling up near the humans at night for TV time.

chris bio pic.jpg

Pum and Putin

Pum is a girl with artistic talent who has been competing since middle school and has won many art awards. She adopted Putin, who was born in the house next door.  He was a short-tempered little cat, but Pum was even meaner.


Pum's desk was always Putin's battlefield. When Pum started holding a pencil, it was like bait for Putin. Putin's kicking and biting power was beyond play. It should be called a quarrel! Although he often quarrels with Pum, in the end he agreed to be her pillow to sleep on... both in dreams and in reality.


RIP Putin.

putin pillow.PNG

[Editor’s Note: “Pum” is the nickname of our wonderful artist, Suchada Boonsong, pictured on the Snuggle Attack card with her kitty, “Putin.” Her bio was provided by her boyfriend, Oni, who was our translator throughout the Hissy Fit project. We're so thankful to them both!]

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