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kitty bios


Drew is a very good boy who loves his family. He is a 36-year old human who has an excellent appetite and pretends like he doesn’t love attention. He spends his days lazing around the house staring at computer screens. He intermittently cleans himself, but somehow always smells fresh as a daisy. He is very curious and can often be caught listening to podcasts or exploring new forms of play. His youth was tumultuous and he has already spent many of his 9 lives. Now he is in a better home and is content with taking it easy and enjoying a carefree life with his current family in Arizona.


[Editor's Note: Drew Corkill is our amazing graphic designer. If you can easily tell what each card does and how it works, you have Drew to thank! He is one of the few humans to appear in Hissy Fit, and we felt he deserved a bio!]


Duchess as a kitten had the sweetest ‘sad-clown face’, but soon grew into her plump and regal self. She rules the roost and the food bowls, jealously dominating her younger sibling Misa Misa. Never afraid to throw her weight around, Duchess is often found perched on the couch surveying her domain, but is always ready to welcome guests with purrs and nuzzles.  Ever the loving cuddle companion, she sleeps with the children of the house every night, making sure the bed-bugs don’t bite.



They say that there are no foster failures, only foster “successes,” and that is the case with Fenway J. Flannigan. He was 1 of 3 fosters in our “Red Sox” crew, which included him, his sister Tessie, and the Green Monster (he was gray, though). Monster got adopted right away, but Fenway, or Fenny as he’s affectionately known, and his sister, were too small yet to go to the adoption event. As they got bigger, they grew on us more and more. Fenny started to always be by his daddy’s side, and Tessie loved to snuggle. They both ended up never going to an adoption event, and even though his dad is not a Red Sox fan (go Cards!), the name stayed. Fenway loves chasing the green laser dot, cuddling his sister, and looking out the window and chattering at the bird feeder (which is usually cardinals, ironically!). He’s also known for his “RBF” and waking up his dad with gentle paw taps on the face.



Frosty had been put up for adoption for bathroom accidents, but it turns out the cause was a medical condition that his prior owners never bothered to check. Frosty’s a super friendly boy. He will start purring just by looking at him. People that don't like cats end up liking him. Whenever a guest sits on the couch, he climbs on their chest and lays out with his tail in their lap and his paws near their chin.


Frosty gets mischievous when he's hungry. He will find anything that makes a crinkling sound, like plastic, and start licking it, rubbing it, and making noises until you feed him. He loves being brushed and insists on being brushed on the staircase. He’ll get so excited that he rolls over and accidentally falls down a step before regathering himself.



Gizmo is a lap cat and could sleep on someone's lap for hours. She loves to sit on her window hammock and bask in the sun. Her favorite food is tuna and her favorite toys are tunnels she can run through and hide in. Gizmo likes to be up high, always jumping onto dressers and shelves.

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[Editor's Note: Pum sent us this great process shot of herself working on Gizmo's card at a convention where she was selling her art.]



Glenda came to our doorstep at 4 months old after presumably being dumped.  She was affectionate the moment she saw us, even allowing us to rub her belly.  With no one claiming her, we took her in as our own and got her back to the perfect picture of health.  Glenda was a silly and aloof cat, and always found new ways to make us laugh.  She loved playing with tennis balls and hair ties, often playing with these things in the bathtub.  She was especially fond of curling up around my neck for snuggles.  Glenda had a funny habit of insisting on cuddling after eating her dinner.  We could hear her trotting down the hallway and softly meowing as she came to get “after dinner snuggles” as we affectionately called them.  Glenda also got to live with me while I attended college.  We became inseparable and she made those tough college days much easier.  She loved getting in the way of me doing my homework and my friends always enjoyed coming over to dote on her.  She was truly my best friend.  Unfortunately, Glenda passed away at three years old due to a brain tumor.  While it was hard to lose her so young, I am beyond glad she lived a life that was full of love and warmth.



Heather was rescued, along with her sister Daisy, from a feline rescue at Petco. Heather would be best described as “Aggressively Friendly”. She will climb on you in bed and headbutt you until you pet her. If your lap is available, she's on it. She meows loudly and brings her humans toys in the middle of the night. She almost gets stepped on a lot because she's always under foot, wanting to be where you are.


Heather loves to cuddle, get belly rubs, and loves to sleep on a pillow… curled around her human’s head. She likes to play-fight with her sister, though strangely, they do it completely silently. If you drop any food, Heather hurries to eat it before you can pick it up. Sometimes she forgets what she doesn’t like and tries to eat it again the next time.

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[Bio pending.]



Laszlo was born in the summer of 2020 as the smallest of four siblings. It was immediately apparent that he loves to cuddle, finding the opportunity to fall asleep on our faces, necks, hands, and feet whenever he can. He is always nearby as our personal shadow, and will follow us around the house at all times. We have found him to be incredibly mischievous as he has found ways to outsmart us in order to steal food or sneak outside past us when we get home. His favorite game is hide and seek, and he will happily do tricks for our guests as long as he gets a treat.

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Leclaire was abandoned at young age and rescued at a local shelter, where we adopted him. He had a very deep meow, and was HIGHLY emotionally dependent: He would follow me in every room, wait for literal hours for a hug, sleep with me every night, climb on my shoulder and stay there for 30-45 mins, refusing to be put down. He was extremely patient: We could cuddle him for hours and he would not flinch, he was just happy to be loved. He had cuts all around his ears because of hypothermia back when he was still out in the streets. He was super curious, and whenever we'd call his name, he would look at us with enormous eyes. Honestly, his behavior was more similar to that of a child or dog than of a cat, everyone found him strange but adorable.

20211002_222741 copy.jpg


We'd been considering getting a cat but hadn't made concrete plans. One day, during an adoption event at the pet store, she captured our hearts. Wanting an adult cat for our small space, we chose the quiet one in the back over the more active ones in front.


She's very personable, preferring human company, though she doesn't get along with other cats outside. If you're not with her, she'll give a demanding meow. She enjoys jumping on chairs for scratches and will gently bat at you to keep petting. Burrowing beneath blankets, especially in cold months, she'll happily roast there.  When she sits on us, she often can't decide and stretches out across both of us.



Loki’s human, George, participated in a SPCA fostering program. When Loki returned from fostering, he was super depressed and seemed like he wasn’t going to make it. When George showed up again, Loki made a complete turn around. He knew where he wanted to be, and the two have been glued together ever since.


Loki is basically an affectionate delinquent. He loves you then suddenly CHOMP. It could be 3am and he’ll wake up purring and being snuggly, then ANG ANG ANG. He bites! He lies all spread out, but withdraws if you try to touch him. Connection is on his terms. He purrs like a V8 engine and sleeps like he was dropped from a great height. Loki is a hilarious disastercat.



Every home should have a black cat, known throughout history for being the preveyors of good luck to their human servants. Chris and his daughter Violet realized they had been without a black cat for too long and could use a little luck.  With that, they headed to the horse country of northern Maryland where they found the wonderful sisters Luna and Sabrina.  Luna is an elegant cat.  As with all Bombay cats, she is pitch black with shining yellow eyes.  Her favorite activities are demanding her food, cuddling with her sister, spending time with Violet and occasionally dispensing some good luck when the mood strikes.

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[Editor's Note: Chris is a founder of The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast, and Luna's card is available in the promo pack created for their Kickstarter. It will be available during their May 2024 campaign. Check back soon for that link.]

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