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Witches, Demons and Monster Plants

This has been a busy month (sorry for the late update!)  We've been cranking hard to keep several games moving forward, and have some more sense of timeline for The Clockwork Maze.

Messages From The Maze!

We heard from the publisher consideringThe Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss, and they are currently set to return to their offices on June 1st.  They let us know that our game is set for playtesting at the first Friday playtest session after they return, and they invited us to provide any rules updates that have been generated since March.  We've had this game pretty much on hold, so I guess it's time to integrate all our great feedback from Dundracon and get a rules update out!  

One other exciting tidbit, while they have by no means decided to publish our game, they did float the idea thatThe Clockwork Mazemight integrate well into the world of one of their existing game franchises with an established fan base!  This could mean a ready-made audience as soon as the game launches.  Fingers crossed!

Fun With Demonology

Development continues onDiary of a Teenage Summoner.  We got the game uploaded to Tabletop Simulator, where we have had some awesome playtests during quarantine.  This led to some excellent revisions and iterations.  The new circular board with a "Fate Track" running around the outside adds a great thematic element, and provides the Summoners with extra benefits for staying home when they send their workers into the field.  Anyone who wants to give this one a try should feel free to hit us up  

Check out both sides of the player aid, which I'm excited to say contain almost all the rules needed to play!

(Remember, this is a dark, quirky game about teenagers solving their adolescent problems by summoning demons from the Abyss to do their bidding!  It's not graphic, but some themes may not be suitable for all gamers.)

Monster Garden Exists in Real Life

This was the first game we prototyped exclusively in the digital domain on Tabletop Simulator, but now that the mechanics are humming, we decided to build out a physical prototype with cardboard, cardstock and 3D printed plastic!  With that accomplished, it was time to throw our hat in the ring for the Board Game Design Lab's"Board Game Design Challenge 2020"contest.  That meant creating a 3-5 sentence pitch, a sell-sheet (see below), and a 3-minute pitch video!

Here's the pitch: 

Monster Garden is a beastly set-collection game that will really “GROW” on you!  Ride the Merry-Go-Round rondel to collect seed cards, crank them through the magic Grow Machine where they’re turned into a variety of hilarious monster plants.  Collect three pairs to win!  Magic Cards give you the power to help yourself or stick it to your rival gardeners.  This family-weight game is fun for kids 8 and up with plenty of “take that” action, and lots of strategy to keep adults engaged, too. 

As always, thanks for keeping up with our progress here at Stone Age Distractions!

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