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Pitches and Protospiels

More delays in the Maze, but great pitches this past week, and a virtual Protospiel coming up fast!

Protospiel Online

This weekend, July 17-19, 2020, we'll be attending the Protospiel Online virtual convention.  We'll be playtesting Monster Garden, Arid, and Diary of a Teenage Summoner and hopefully trying out lots of other people's games-in-progress!  From the Protospiel site: "If you are a tabletop gamer who likes to try out new games, Protospiel will make for a great weekend of gaming with many new games to try you can’t find anywhere else. Even better, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped shape them before they are released to the general public." If you decide to attend, please be sure to click your interest in our games to help get the word out!

More Delay(z) in the Maze

While we were expecting playtests from our potential publisher for The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss this past month, we've run into a few more delays, but for a good reason!  Now that they're back at work, they're attending to the Kickstarter launch of their next game which has already been a huge success, funding in about 3 hours and already achieving funding at 10 times their goal!  That's the kind of attention and focus I hope Clockwork Maze will receive when it goes to market, and I hope it can be with this partner! 

Madness In The Monster Garden!

While Monster Garden didn't make it into round three of the BGDL Design Contest, we were able to pitch it this past weekend to a major German game publisher.  After updating the player mats based on player feedback last week, we were excited to pitch via video conference and Tabletop Simulator, and this potential partner is eager to learn more!  They especially liked the unique player movement around the rondel, and had great suggestions for streamlining some of the card decks.  They are sending our sell sheet for the game to the proper division of the company in the coming week.  

Arid on the Tabletop

Our new game, Arid, has moved from a virtual-only prototype to a physical tabletop experience.  We were excited to get this printed out and to play it on the table after getting great feedback on Tabletop Simulator.  Playtester feedback has included comments like:

  • "One of my favorite games so far!"

  • "I can't think of a 4X game I'd rather play than this one."

  • "It's the fun parts of Eclipse with a lot less complexity."

So we were excited to pitch this along with Monster Garden at our recent publisher pitch meeting.  While MG was well-received and will be put forward to the proper department, the developer to whom I was pitching actually asked to schedule time at a later date to sit down and play Arid with me.  I sent the sell sheet for this game as well, and I'm looking forward to playing with this publisher soon!

Check out the sell sheet for Arid below.

As always, thanks for keeping up with our progress here at Stone Age Distractions!

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