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March in the Maze

Greetings, Inventors!  We don't have a ton to discuss this month, but progress does continue and what little is happening holds the promise of exciting developments!

Stuck in Customs!

I gave up on completing a second full prototype before sending the game off to an international publisher who requested it.  Once DunDraCon was over, I shipped this bad boy off for their consideration!  Of course, it has now been stuck in customs for several weeks. (*sad trombone*)  Regardless, I'm very excited to hear what they think!

As for the prototype, I do have a MOSTLY complete copy of the game still in hand, and the rest of the materials are easy for me to make, with the exception of the 3D-printed miniatures (which aren't hard for me to print on my CR-10, just time-consuming).  Most of the minis have been printed, except for the Heroes, but all still need to be painted.  Soon!

Cardboard Edison Contest Results

We received the results of the Cardboard Edison board game contest, and while we didn't make it into the final round, we did receive some great feedback!  One of the things I love about this contest is that, win or lose, each contestant receives the written replies to all judging questions from each and every judge.  Some of the judges were big fans of the game (we may even have one or more of them receiving this update, now!)  This feedback was only based on a 5-minute video and the rulebook, not actually playing the game. While some of the critique was a bit confusing, most of it resonated very well with me, representing the few lingering problems I'm aware of and hope to resolve with a publisher.  But all of it seemed fair and respectfully delivered.  What a great experience!  Thanks to Cardboard Edison and all the judges!


We're continuing to develop our second game.  This is a 2-player, head-to-head, high-tech adventure where you play a hacker guiding their team of agents through a secure facility toward a clandestine goal.  It's a race to get the goods and get out first!  We've been developing prototype assets, including room and corridor cards which allow for exploration of the facility and the automated systems you'll have to hack and control in order to win; as well as agent teams and high-tech gear to make each mission unique. 

The working title is "Operators," but we're not 100% sure that's the right title.  WILL YOU HELP?  Complete our poll to pick (or suggest!) a great title for this game!  

Click here to complete our poll.As always, thanks for keeping up with our progress here at Stone Age Distractions!

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