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The Operators.jpg

I've been working on a new project that's still in VERY early stages.  The working title is "Operators," and it's a competitive, 2-player showdown between high-tech operators guiding asymmetrical teams of agents through a secure facility toward a clandestine goal. Each operator drafts tiles representing corridors and rooms, and they must progress sequentially through three floors while simultaneously hacking the building's systems to help their team or hurt their foe.  When one operator hacks a system, say the elevator to move his team to the next floor, the other player can try to override their efforts.  Each player bids from a limited pool of "coding tokens" to see who gains control, but be careful, put too much into this effort, and you might find yourself out of juice when you need it most!  


(Note: All art is temporary placeholder only for mood)

sample composite agents
TTS drafting
TTS actions
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