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Mechamentals - first table test, cropped
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Mechamentals is a family-weight tactical mech combat game with some elemental magic components mixed in.  Play an elemental Mage who is reconstructing an ancient "Walker" from long discarded parts.  Some of the parts are made to focus your specific elemental power (Earth, Air, Fire or Water), but others you find will be meant for other elements, and will be of less use to you. The game is played in two phases:


Quickly assemble the best Walker you can, either by choosing from randomly dealt Parts Cards (the quick start method), or by going through several rounds of an "I split/you choose" parts draft (the more strategic method).

fire mage v3.png
Art borrowed for mood.
player mat with dice.PNG

battle phase:

Once you've built your Walker, FIGHT!  Each player has nine colored dice to roll and assign to various parts of their Walkers.  Parts that are aligned with your element will have more special powers available for you to use.  Power up your legs (for movement), weapon systems, defenses, repair units or armor. 


Combat is simple: the more powerful your weapon, the more combat dice you roll to see if you hit.  Remove a successful die for each hex of distance between you and your target, and what's left does damage to your foe... UNLESS they have a die on a defensive system to block you! 

Be the last Walker standing to win!


Sample cards

All art borrowed for mood.
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