Lizard Army

lizard army cover - anon.PNG

Lizard Army is a game based on an idea by a 6-year old game designer!  My boss's son, Henry, came up with the idea of mighty Generals training an army of lizards based on each species' real life natural defenses and abilities.  Henry was looking for a partner with game design experience, and I loved the idea so much I was thrilled to partner with him on this project.  Henry has not just been an idea man.  He has been integrally involved in suggesting new mechanics and playtesting as we develop this game.

The Game

While this game started as a competitive game of battling lizard armies, it is in the process of becoming a cooperative game of building lizard armies to defend the Lizard Realm against invading bug armies!  Stay tuned for the next iteration!

bug war art.png

Images from Earlier Iterations