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Hissy Fit!

A card game of carefully-coordinated cat coaxing!

by Chris Stone & Levi Robertson

Hissy Fit is a cooperative/solo card game for 1-2 players ages 12 and up that plays in 10-20 minutes.  You are kids trying to coax your cat into the carrier for a trip to the vet. But if you’re not careful it could turn into a trip to the Emergency Room! 


To win, guide the cat along the path and into the carrier by using treats, distractions, and control cards from the Kid Deck. Plan your actions, dress your wounds, and build combos to thwart the cat's defenses and steadily lead it into the carrier before it totally loses its temper. But each turn, Cat Cards are drawn to make the cat run, hide, scratch, or have a total conniption! If the cat has 3 full blown “Hissy Fits” or you suffer 5 scratches, the cat wins.


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