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Get the downlow on all the featured cats in Hissy Fit!

Welcome, Cat Wranglers!  

Thanks for visiting this bio page for the Hissy Fit game!  Here you can learn more

about all the featured cats in the game.  Featured cats each have a heart  next to their name on their game card.  All info is provided by the kitties and their staff!


Anita is a super-sweet kitty with a long origin story. Anita's human, Christine, learned of a stray kitty from her apartment complex who had been taken to a shelter that she knew was not a no-kill shelter. Christine spent weeks trying to track this kitty down, thwarted by a series of bureaucratic snafus. At the end of the agonizing search, on the day she finally found the kitty, Christine learned that her grandmother, Anita, had passed away.  She knew in that moment that this kitty was meant to be part of her family, and should carry on her grandma's name. 


Anita likes perching in high places, and some of her favorite diva poses include "super-kitty" and of course, the ever-popular "loaf."  She is also famous for walking on keyboards, and occasionally sending messages!

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