What is a Game Design Fool?

Hi, I'm Chris Stone, and I'm a Game Design Fool!  What is a Game Design Fool?  It's anyone who loves tabletop games of any kind, and is involved in or fascinated by the process of creating them.  What kinds of people might be Game Design Fools?  Here are just a few examples:

  • Board game designers: published, not-yet-published, hobby or amateur

  • RPG game designers

  • Indy tabletop game publishers

  • Employees or principals of major tabletop game publishers

  • Game manufacturer reps or customers

  • Board game prototyping company reps or customers

  • PLAYERS! who are curious to look behind the curtain of game design

  • Content creators who review or discuss tabletop games

  • Crowdfunding platform reps, creators, or backers

  • Artists who have worked or want to work in the tabletop space

  • And so many more!

These are just a few examples of the kinds of people who can be Game Design Fools!

How can I participate?

To become an official Game Design Fool, all you have to do is contribute one or more videos for us to include on our TikTok and YouTube channels.*  Here's what we're looking for:

Your First Video

  • Introduce yourself by saying, "Hi, I'm <Your Name Here>, and I'm a Game Design Fool!"

    • Please don't say, "Your name here..."  Replace that with your name.  Duh!​

    • Feel free to substitute "Hi" with a greeting of your choice.

  • Tell us a little bit about your connection to the world of tabletop games, and how or why you're a Game Design Fool.

The Rest of Your Videos

  • EVERY video MUST START with your introduction, basically in this form: "Hi, I'm <Your Name Here>, and I'm a Game Design Fool!"  This is our brand recognition, folks!

  • Pick a topic related to game design that you think will be of interest to our audience of Game Design Fools.  

  • Talk about it!  You can make your video as fancy or as down-and-dirty as you like.

Tech Stuff

​All videos must:

  • Be vertical (mobile, TikTok style)

  • Be under 60-seconds each

  • Have clear and intelligible audio

  • Be family-friendly

  • Be on-topic (somehow related to tabletop game design)

How to Submit Your Content

  • Submit video content for consideration using the Dropbox link below.*

  • Email us at to let us know to look for your video submission, and to provide any links or hashtags you'd like us to share along with your video.  We're all about helping each other with self-promotion when you contribute your content!

Thanks for reading this far! Now send us your video submission, and become a Game Design Fool! 

* The final decision of what content is included on our channels will always be at the sole discretion of the Game Design Fools channel management and staff.   By submitting content to Game Design Fools, you agree to the Game Design Fools Content Submission Release Agreement.

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