In this cooperative Steampunk adventure, players take the roles of inventors working together to stop the evil Professor Blunderbuss from activating his greatest horror: The Infection Engine, a nightmare machine designed to envelop New London in toxic vapor, turning all of its inhabitants into slathering zombies for the Professor's horde! The Professor's fortress is surrounded by "The Maze," an enormous, ever-changing mechanical labyrinth bent on the Heroes' destruction!

Player Strategy

Players draw and trade cards to match inventions with the Heroes who can make them. As they invent mechanical automatons like steam-powered Juggernauts, Mechanical Men, Nano-Insects and Jet Pack Soldiers, they are able to combine them with invented weapons and devices like Tesla Coils, Gatling Guns, Flamethrowers and Maze-manipulating "Transformers" and "Spin Disrupters." As the Heroes spend their actions to explore the enormous mechanical Maze, seeking a safe route to the Professor's fortress and the means to destroy it, the Maze is constantly changing. City block-sized sections rotate, shift and transform, and mobs of zombies roam in packs, waiting to rend metal and flesh alike! Will the Heroes make it to the heart of the Maze and defeat the Professor before it's too late?!

LAtest Video & Photos

LAtest Video & Photos

LAtest Reviews

The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss

"A fun co-op with a fascinating theme, potential for incredible production - who doesn't love magnets? - and brain-burning board mechanics"

playtester feedback

"Rotating and revealing hexes is AWESOME! I've always wanted to play a game like this..."


"The design of the game was really clever, and I liked the mechanics of the shifting tiles.


"I got emotionally attached to my army of laser cyborgs, and I was proud when they killed the zombie general!"


"Nice co-op element. Complex enough that everyone made his own decisions."


"Would love to play again!"


"Long term and short term strategies are both interesting..."


"I loved the unique roles, as well as the manipulation of the game board..."


"I found making the automatons the most exciting part..."



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